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All Inclusive Ads Review

It’s about that time again, where I provide you guys with another update on my progress with All Inclusive Ads. In my last blog post I spoke about how I was using the money I was making from my websites (thanks to AIA) to help supplement my income. I had been offered a part-time job, which I was able to take thanks to those earnings. My job situation had the opportunity to change last month, as I was offered a permanent, full-time spot with the company. As appealing as that was, I decided to step back a little bit and take a look at what I hoped to achieve moving forward. My goal is to make a living full-time from home, which I felt might take a hit if I devoted all my time to a “real job.”

The company was a little disappointed when I turned them down, but was more than happy to let me keep my part-time spot. That should be taken by you all as a sure sign of how confident I am that I can continue to succeed and reach my goals by sticking with AIA. The rewards that I have reaped from using them goes way beyond what anyone could reasonably hope to expect for a mere $30 per month. I won’t bore you all to death with the numbers, but let’s just say that what I am now making each month from my online ventures is the equivalent of a moderately paid full-time job. I know there is much more out there for me, which is why I started looking at ways to expand.

It had become pretty obvious to me that the way in which AIA delivers traffic makes it perfect for any type of niche that you want to market. I had used some of my free time to look into niches that might not be too well known, but which had a real chance to be incredibly successful, especially with All Inclusive Ads sending more traffic than I would ever be able to get from any other method.

I discover just such a niche and decided to set up a website to see if I could get any sales, using nothing other than All Inclusive Ads for marketing. As exciting as the prospect was, I knew that I had one major problem, which was that I knew next to nothing about the niche that I had chosen. I know that great content helps drive sales, but how was I going to deliver that if I knew nothing about it? I decided to pay a very small amount to hire a writer from a micro gig site, after being assured he could handle the subject matter, and was delighted with the results. The early signs are that this niche is going to deliver beyond my wildest dreams, and the vast majority of the credit has to go to AIA. I didn’t have to spend time marketing and establishing the site, and have started to see some real sales success very quickly.

See you at the top,

Jason Hawkins


All Inclusive Ads Proof

I know that the vast majority of you are here for an update on my progress using All Inclusive Ads, but let me start by telling you all about my current job situation. You have to bear with me on this, as it actually does tie in to the results that I am currently experiencing using AIA. My first couple of interviews did not go as well as planned, but I left the third feeling very confident. That proved to be a good feeling, as I was offered the job, albeit on a part-time basis. It was a better hourly wage than my previous position, but my total earnings still fell short of what I was making before. What made me say yes to the job was the fact that my results with AIA were so positive.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I really started tinkering with the way in which I presented each of the websites I was promoting through AIA. Since you are allowed to promote up to 10 different links in the AIA system, I felt that leaving any of those empty meant that I might be missing out on my fair share of the $40,000 per month they spend to advertise your links. I set up URL trackers to get an idea of where the visitors where coming from, and then set about constantly changing those links that continued to underperform.

With the extra time I had to devote to my online business, I quickly found that I could achieve great results from staying on top of all my links. For example, I set up a cool little blog that gave away a number of e-books. I added an opt-in link to the site so that visitors could sign up to see when I changed the books out. Thanks to the glut of traffic sent by AIA, I was very quickly able to analyze what types of giveaways were appealing to customers. I would see those numbers rise and fall based on the kinds of e-books that were being offered up. You might very well think I am crazy for giving stuff away like that, but what I learned from that site was invaluable.

The e-books that caused a spike in the huge amounts of traffic already coming from AIA, was a sign that the people who had opted in were responding to that free offer. The books that did well immediately went to my money-making sites to be used as an incentive to buyers. Taking the time, which incidentally only amounted to about 10 days, to get that feedback proved to be totally invaluable; the number of leads and sales that came following that test period showed that as powerful as AIA is, it could be even better if the people using it took the time to look at more than just the massive boost in traffic that each of their sites is receiving.

All the best,

Jason Hawkins

Does All Inclusive Ads Work? I Login And Review The Proof…

*Jason here again with an update on my {1 month trial} testing All Inclusive Ads to find out just how well they performed for me and my websites. Note: After seeing their ads everywhere I said to myself, what the heck, and decided to test them out on a very limited trial basis.

One Month Results:

A brand new site I joined promoted only through All Inclusive Ads received 1223 visits (very pleased with this amount especially since 95% were from unique IP’s within the United States)

I also promoted one of my more established website that I was receiving on average 3000 hits/month. Adding All Inclusive Ads to my advertising campaign, that number jumped to 7300 with AIA responsible for delivering 4300 hits. (again, 95% from USA IP addresses)

Based upon my traffic stats I am definitely going to continue using All Inclusive Ads to promote my websites. I will continue to track my website hit traffic stats and will keep everyone posted.

Jason Hawkins

I Signed Up To All Inclusive Ads And Will Report My Findings

My name is Jason and I’ve been dabbling in internet marketing for the last 2 years. Since I lost my job I’m a bit more desperate to find something that can help with getting signups. I looked around for a good ad source and kept running into All Inclusive Ads so I decided to give them a try on a trial basis. Today is March 4 and I will keep everyone informed as to how well it works or doesn’t work.

Here is the service I’m testing:

And here is what comes with this ad service:

– Google Adwords PPC’s
– Yahoo PPC’s
– Newspaper ads
– banner ads
– expired domain traffic
– popups/pop-unders
– You Tube Videos
– Social Bookmarking
– Articles
– Press Releases
– Blog posts

Jason Hawkins